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About Our Company

Epitome Health & Allied Services (EHAS) is a complete Medical Service provider of international standard. With the expertise to provide best of Medical Health care facilities at the right time and right cost is what separates EHAS from others. The ever-growing demand of the world today enables us to expand our network and serve the world to expectation.

Epitome Health & Allied Services has been formed on the philosophy "Prevention is the only cure towards better Healthy Living". EHAS is the team of like minded individuals, experts in respective fields like Medicine, Travels & Tourism, Service Industries and Para- Medical Professional. Experience of two decades brings with them the great functional expertise and perfect operational capabilities

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Our Epitome



Epitome assures you with an unbiased opinion for your medical treatment in Indian hospitals. We will choose the best doctor and a hospital for your need as per your requirement. We will never force you to choose a particular hospital or doctor. We have categorized the doctor as per their credential and experience and patient handling. We are not biased with any hospital or doctor for your treatment. So you can be assured that you are in safe hands..



We are already dealing with so many hospitals in India. So you don't have to get into individual agreements with the hospitals for your medical opinions and cost of the treatment. We can offer you the medical opinion and estimate from 3 different hospitals. This will save your time and money simultaneously.



Epitome offers you the most affordable and best price for your surgery or treatment. We have different category of hospitals as per their price of the procedures and property value. We can choose the economic one for your as per your need. It's not necessary to be in the higher category hospital always as the medium cadre hospitals would also offer you a quality treatment with and experienced doctors..


Indian Medical Tourism Advantage

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The highlights of medical tourism in India are as follows

India has world-class medical facilities, with excellent staff in all areas of medical care Consultation with leading doctors or specialists Indian hospitals are equipped with the latest electronic and medical diagnostic equipments
Low cost medical treatment or health checkups

Luxurious rooms within affordable ranges Accommodation for attendants or accompanying family members are provided

Ayurveda Therapy and Spa resorts available for relaxing and refreshing.

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We provide Professional Medical and Support Service!

* Perfect and accurate end result in your medical treatment is our top most concern!
* Our Excellent Hospitality is the one of the key features as we know that Guests are our God!
* We Save Your Time and do all the scheduling on behalf of you without waiting list.
* We understand you and always try to Bank your earnings and savings!
Tour of Incredible India which is again an inevitable part of tour to India!.


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See the beautiful and Incredible India

After you recover from your medical condition and complexity. We understand that after going through a long medical procedure you must be feeling to get refreshed in some mountains, beaches or religious places- we take it as our pride to offer you the best places to visit at very low price. You can go for some SPA and Body Massages as well. All the arrangement of travel and tour happens once the treating consultant gives his/her approval. How long you can travel and how much you can walk, everything depends on your recovery of the medical condition.
We promise and we do make you feel at home in India. Staying in India you won't miss you loved ones. Indian Medical Holiday takes care of every step when you are in India. We will experience you a superb, amazing and unforgettable medical holiday in India..